Revision Health
Empowering Your Health Journey, One Revision at a Time
Revision Health
Empowering Your Health Journey, One Revision at a Time
Revision Health
Empowering Your Health Journey, One Revision at a Time
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Our FAQs
What is Integrative, Functional or Holistic health care?
Integrative or Functional or Holistic health are all speaking the same language, the language of whole-body health. These approaches are treating the whole person and not just a list of symptoms. They emphasize preventive measures and lifestyle changes to promote overall wellness rather than simply treating illness. They all involve a patient-centered approach, considering the unique needs and preferences of each individual. And they often incorporate complementary and alternative therapies alongside conventional medicine to address health issues.
Does my health insurance cover this service?
Unfortunately, health insurance covers disease, it does not cover health prevention or optimization. Because this service is outside of insurance-driven healthcare, we cannot file or bill for insurance nor submit information for reimbursement purposes.
Can I use my HSA/FSA account?
In most cases yes! Please check with your plan’s administrator to verify.
Will Dr. Meagan Embrey become my new eye care provider/optometrist?
Dr. Embrey will not replace your current eye doctor. Instead, this program aims to complement your existing eye care routine. If you do not currently have an eye care provider, any of the excellent optometrists at Spectrum Eye Care would gladly welcome you as a patient.
Does this service replace my care with my primary care physician or other following physician(s)?
No. At Revision Health we do not diagnose or treat disease, but rather assess and provide guidance on holistic recommendations for nutritional and lifestyle behavior changes. It is important to continue care with all following doctors.
Can you guarantee improvements to my health?
While our program has a proven track record of success, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes for your health. However, we are committed to providing you with the guidance, coaching, and tools necessary to empower you on your journey towards reclaiming your health.
How do I begin? What is the process?
The first step is to schedule your 40-minute Health Consultation with Dr. Meagan Embrey. This one-on-one consultation is to further assess and discuss your individual health concerns and health goals. The consultation fee is $99 and will be deducted from the lab testing cost if decided to proceed with the program.
What if I want to start with the lab testing then later decide I would like to proceed with the health coaching program?
This is certainly an option! We allow a 60-day window between completing your lab testing & analysis before deciding to move forward with the four-month health coaching program. If after 60 days, it may be recommended to have labs repeated and could incur an additional cost.
What lab(s) do you use?
We use Vibrant Lab for our Wellness testing. The labs ordered may vary per individual depending on their health concerns and needs. Please feel free to visit their websites for more information: &

For most blood draws, we use AnyLabTestNow ( However, depending on where you live, we can help find a lab closest to you.
What do I have to do for the lab testing?
Two of the lab tests we utilize are referred to as non-blood, at-home test kits. One is a stool sample that you can complete at your home and at your convenience. The second non-blood, at-home test is a saliva test, in which you will collect four samples throughout the day to get a more accurate measure of your hormone levels.

The other lab tests are performed at a lab through a blood draw done by a phlebotomist. We supply all testing materials including specific instructions on how to collect your samples.
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